Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fancy falls in love so easy

I've kinda always been the chick who is more in love "with the idea of being in love" than love itself - both in fashion and relationships.

I would fall so quick and so hard... And then-- smoke clears, rose colored glasses come off and here it comes: THE FIZZLE! It's like I put so much into the initial passion that I don't leave enough to sustain for the duration of the love affair. So they never last for long.

Example 1: I add a hard-to-find, sold out EVERYWHERE item to my wish list. I stalk it, I dream about the outfits I would pair it with, I save pictures of different angles of it (and just look at them sporadically during the day) BUT if its not acquired during that #hotheavyloveaffair timeframe, it gets deleted off the list. Fizzle

Example 2: I get inspired and design an outfit in my head. I have everything I need to Ignoring #the3outfitrule, I get this piece, wear the outfit ONCE and then it falls from glory and is relegated to the abyss in the back of my closet, neglected and abandoned until the annual closet purge, where it will then get banished to the Salvation Army. Fizzle

Example 3: I'm dating Mr Right{Now}-- witty, cute, fun. I think about him all the time, have planned the wedding down to the design of our initial monogram, listed several options of cute baby names that's a chic combo of our names, but does not need it's own entry in Websters to pronounce. Then his wit becomes annoying, I start finding that he's only cute when he's sleeping and HAS a fresh shave and the fun needs to grow up. Fizzle

What was wrong with me? (and with you if you see elements of this in yourself)

Absolutely nothing!

What I've come to realize in my #fancy journey through life is that there are things that really matter and things that don't. The things that matter stick around in my closet and my life. I have these blush Gucci OTK boots in my closet from Fall 1999, that has gotten worn every winter for the past 10 years.

10 years! So see! There! I'm not fickle! And in life/love, I finally found my Mr Right!! #nofizzlehere We have a special night coming (cross your ring finger!) and what better way to show up than with a pair of shoes it took me two years to find in my size?? Weren't they worth it?

Amrita Singh Nello earrings, H&M sequin tunic dress, Christian Louboutin Fetilo pumps

Miss Fancy falls in love so easily, but she definitely knows a keeper when she sees it!

Have you?

Keep it Fancy!

PS: I'm going on vacation for a week, so I'll be counting on you, my fancybelles and Fancybeauxs, to hold down the #fancy.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Envy - the root of fancy

Have you ever suffered from envy?

Before you shake your head too emphatically, envy is defined as: (noun)

A feeling of discontented or resentful longing

aroused by someone else's

possessions, qualities, or luck.

SO.... if you've ever admired a celebrity's new purse or that chic blogger's style, you may have succumbed to that which is known as fancy envy.

Before you begin to chide yourself for engaging in one of the Seven Deadly Sins, fancy envy is not entirely a bad thing. In fact, it CAN actually be a good thing -- IF you use it as a motivator.

Way back in 7th grade, I had a classmate who always looked so cute on dress down day (this was the last Friday of the month where we could toss our Catholic school uniforms to the side and wear "street clothes"). "Wow, I wish I could dress so chic." I would say to myself, in my pre-teen voice, in my un-cool jeans and GLASSES (yes, I said glasses)!!

Instead of wallowing in envy and planning her quick and sudden fashion death, I started using my allowance to buy fashion magazines and slowly worked on my parents to buy me "cooler" clothes. Then in high school after I finally convinced my parents to let me have an after school job, I was able to really start developing and funding MY style.

Step by step, slowly, but surely, I defined my fancy. My style today is NOTHING like the style I had back then. I don't even remember that girl's name and probably would not recognize her if I saw her at my school reunion. But I will always remember wanting to feel like I look my best and the confidence and the satisfaction of feeling like I looked great when I focused my energy on me.

And that, my fancybelles, is how Miss Fancy was born. The morale of today's post is that suffering from fancy envy happens to even the fanciest of us. But what you do with it is what makes the difference. I'm not saying that you should not admire or even fancy envy at times, but no outfit, hairstyle, bag or shoe is going to look the same on you that it looked on someone else.


Now, let's get to some items to fancy envy. New additions to my fancy closet:

Amrita Singh Vin Bangles, coral

Amrita Singh Nello earrings, black

Zara Metallic wrap skirt

Miss Fancy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A fancy embrace of your Wild Side

Happy Tuesday, my Fancybelles and Fancybeaus!!

As you have probably noticed in some my posts - I.ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.ANIMAL.PRINT. So today's post is dedicated to the "clothing" of our two of our wild kingdom friends: the Leopard and the Python.

For the conservative (and adventurous) fancy-ista, it's a great way to "take a walk on the wild side". Adding a snake print cuff bracelet or a leopard print scarf to a plain outfit creates instant #fancy.

AND the most fabulous thing of all is that you can pretend it's a neutral.

So you can pair an orange blouse, black cigarette pants and python print shoes. Or red sheath dress, black opaque tights and leopard print ankle boots. See how easy it can be? Move over nude - - Animal print IS the new Neutral.

Although the two wild kingdom animals that inspire these prints are predators known for quietly sneaking up on their prey, their prints can be a bit loud. You've laughed at some interpretations of it. I've cringed at quite a few. But don't let the animal (print) get the upper hand and intimidate you. If you keep it






you will be the Queen (or King) of the wild!

Just like leopards like to chill up in the trees, it also had a very high place on my accessories list. But lately, python print has been slinking its way into my closet. This past couple of seasons, we have seen some great accessories in these prints -- here are some of my #FANCY FAVS (and wish list items):

Photo Credit:

Leopard print Ankle boots

Leopard print enamel bracelet

Leopard print lightweight scarf

Leopard print leather gloves

Photo Credit: Tim Vickers

Python print cuff bracelet

Python print belt

Python print sling backs

Python print clutch

So, Leopard print vs Python print -- which do YOU think is more fancy?

Vote now (via comments - be sure to include your contact email) and be eligible to win an accessory in the winning animal print! Contest ends on November 30th!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have a Fancy Addiction...or two...

Ok, I'll admit it: My handle is Miss Fancy and I have an addiction.

Fortunately, it's only two things right now: Jewelry and Nail polish.

Fancy Jewelry

I had a decent lot of jewelry, but most of it was crappy pieces that I picked up over the years. So when I started blogging and really looking at my pieces, I decided to start swapping/replacing crap with quality statement pieces. My favorites designers/stores for jewelry right now are Kenneth Jay Lane, Ben-Amun, Amrita Singh, Kendra Scott & Ann Taylor.

These are some of my favs is my current collection (There's some Kenneth Jay Lane, Ann Taylor, Kendra Scott, among others, in the mix):

Necklaces, rings and bracelet, oh my!

Gimme more!

Fancy ears!

Infinite Fancy Arm Party options here

I just bought this vintage antique trunk to store them (note: lots of drawers to house the growing collection):

Like any addiction, it is now starting to get expensive, but I AM ADDICTED! With stores like Neiman Marcus Last Call (they have an eBay store too), I TRY to wait out my favs making it there. These two are on my Christmas wish list:

Erickson Beamon Midnight Oasis earrings

Kendra Scott Kavita earrings in turquoise


Fancy Nails

Nail polish is totally my guilty pleasure. I.LOVE. nail.polish. It adds pop to a plain outfit and makes me feel fancy! I probably paint my nails every other day. Navy blue one day, nude the next time, Revlon Red the following. Since I am not a designer nail polish snob (I'll buy anything from Essie to Revlon to OPI, Sally Hansen, Chanel), it’s not an expensive addiction…yet. Now that Duane Reade has these new fancy stores and carry a much larger variety of cosmetics, my nail polish box is starting to look like a rainbow!

These are my latest polish addictions - I plan on wearing them ALL #fancy FALL.

Revlon Midnight Affair

OPI My Private Jet

What is your Fancy addiction? Let me know!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just follow Casual Fridays & Fancy Sundays

Happy Sunday!

I'm being lazy, so I am going to live on the edge and skip Fancy@Work this week. Check in next week to hear me complain about how hectic my mornings were without my outfits planned in advance!!! Yikes! #notfancy

So, I just joined twitter and I am having a blast making all kinds of new fancy friends on twitter, but wow, there's a lot of weirdos out there --which means I am getting good use of the block feature (great feature twitter!)...

In case you aren't following me yet (@ArtOfBeingFancy), here are a few of the tips I have posted.....

  • #AobFTip: The temps r dropping, but not ready 2 let go of summer dresses yet? Pair with#TeamBlackOpaqueTights for #TeamFancy mix
  • #AobFTip: Create instant Fancy by adding a colorful broach to your coat or jacket!
  • #AobFTip: Everyone has at least 1 great feature. Including you. Find yours and then develop an arsenal of statement pieces to accentuate it!
  • #AobTip: Looking fancy requires planning and work. Those who make it look easy have done the prep OR pay for prep.
  • #AobFTip: When I'm tired, I wear leopard. When I'm sad, I wear leopard. Happy= leopard. Get your #fancy #PickMeUp.
  • #AobFTip: Fancy foundation garments should be like your BFFs: supportive & uplifting (bras) and online shopping: no lines (panties).
  • #AobFTip: It's the season of TIGHTS!! So instead of top down, assess ur outfit from bottom up. Linty, worn out, dusty tights are not#fancy.
  • #AobFTip: If u do nothing else, plan ur outfit 4 Mon am in advance. What's a better way 2 kickstart the week than looking #fancy?
  • #AobFTip: Fall is great 4 experiments & layers! Try ribbed tights under tweed shorts & long sweater or fur vest over ur fav leather jacket!
  • #AobFTip: Fancy is a feeling from inside, not about clothes, designers or labels! Be fancy whenever, whoever, whatever you are!
  • #AobFTip: Burn=ugly old linty winter hat! Buy=cute colored warm winter hat-- it's the 1st thing one sees. Xtra points: add a broach 4 #fancy

I had been praying to the shopping G-Ds for a 40% off coupon sale at Ann Taylor for the past two weeks so I can grab this faux fur Chinchilla vest. What do they send me Saturday morning? 50% off Faux fur weekend. I jumped out of bed, logged in and GRABBED two items:

Ann Taylor Faux Chinchilla vest

Ann Taylor Faux Chinchilla clutch

Yippee! Mr. Winter, I am officially putting you on notice that I am ready for YOU! I'm picturing this with tight leather pants, white button down shirt and LOTS OF BLING!! OR a winter white pencil dress, black long (elbow length) leather gloves and black thigh high boots... What do YOU suggest I wear with them?

In my house, #NYJets Football Sundays has also become #dallascowgirl Sundays (#stillindenial) in addition to church and errand Sundays. Check out what I wore to buy dog food, light bulbs, rock salt and all that other crap that I hate buying, but need...

Ann Taylor sweater coat, white tank bka wifebeater, khaki skinny jeans, black Jeffrey Campbell Britt boots, Givenchy Nightingale in black, leopard print scarf, Dior black Aviator glasses

Fancy Extra: Fancy@Work- Casual Friday

Orange coat, Black vneck sweater by Barami, white tank, Blush pleated chiffon skirt by Lauren Conrad for Kohls, black opaque tights, knee high Christian Dior boots, black Givenchy Nightingale

Have a fancy week!


Miss Fancy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Modeling Pic - Fancy@Work Week of Oct 23rd

I usually post my Outfits of the Week laid out because I pick them out on Sundays and execute during the week, rarely having time to stop and *click* during the week.

BUT due to your requests, I am going to try to snap pics of a few of my outfits during the week to show how they look on.

In other news, Miss Fancy is officially re-branding Outfits of the week to Fancy@Work..because, after all, these are my looks for work so they should be named accordingly, right?

Tuesday 10/25/11 : Lace beige jacket (Random Store on 6th Ave & 40th Street), Beige sleeveless shirt with detail at neck and pearl buttons (Ann Taylor - Fall '10), Black wool mini skirt (Forever 21), Black opaque tights (Target), Black heeled lace up ankle boots (Joan and David), Leather wrap around watch with black chain detail (La Mer)

Close up of boots
Close up of jacket lace and shirt buttons

Close up of watch

Here is how it looks all together!

I tend to OD and Fancy@Work - Week of Oct 31

This week I have begun tweeting (Follow me @ArtOfBeingFancy) and I love it! I love reading other fashionista's tips and being able to contribute some of my own (search #AobFTips).

I have been tweeting every day (OD) and one of the tips I tweeted was #AOBFTip: Create instant Fancy by adding a colorful broach to your coat or jacket!

I have a quickly growing arsenal of broaches:

As I update my #fancycoatbroachparty, I'll keep on posting the pictures to keep you inspired! Of course, I tend to OD, so here is my take on adding fancy with not one, but two broaches.
Coat: Ann Taylor beige tweed coat. Broaches: Red suede and leather flower, Camel enamel English Bulldog broach

In honor of Halloween (and to increase Team Morale) everyone has to wear orange and/or a mask on Monday. I have not decided what mask I am going to wear, but I will wear orange (since it is one of favorite colors!)

Fancy@Work - Week of Oct 31

Monday 10/31 - Orange silk LS shirt from Zara, black high-waist pants from Zara, beige lightweight cardigan from unknown, Snake print bracelet from Ann Taylor, snake print Louboutin Twistochat

Close up of bracelet

Close up of shoes

Tuesday 11/31 - Burgundy cotton turtleneck from Zara, beige tweed skirt from The Limited, Cream sleeveless beige sweater from unknown, delicate brown & gold necklace and earrings from Ann Taylor, brown opaque tights - not shown, brown & white Penny loafer style platform pumps - not shown

close up of tweed skirt and jewelry

Wednesday 11/2 - I'm one the fence about this day...

Option 1: Black sheer polka dot shirt from Forever21, Black v neck sweater from Barami, black leather pleated skirt from unknown (custom made), black opaque tights - not shown, black suede & patent leather lace up ankle boots from Joan & David - not shown

Option 2: Red sleeveless shift dress with ruffle from Calvin Klein, black opaque tights, Leopard ponyhair Louboutin Dahlia boots.

Thursday 11/3 - Long sleeve beige ruched dress from Calvin Klein, brown thigh high boots from unknown (custom made in Italy) - not shown

Friday 11/4 - Still undecided as I have plans after work..dilemmas, dilemmas...So I will have to post a modeling pic!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!


Miss Fancy
Make EVERY day Fancy!!