Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just follow Casual Fridays & Fancy Sundays

Happy Sunday!

I'm being lazy, so I am going to live on the edge and skip Fancy@Work this week. Check in next week to hear me complain about how hectic my mornings were without my outfits planned in advance!!! Yikes! #notfancy

So, I just joined twitter and I am having a blast making all kinds of new fancy friends on twitter, but wow, there's a lot of weirdos out there --which means I am getting good use of the block feature (great feature twitter!)...

In case you aren't following me yet (@ArtOfBeingFancy), here are a few of the tips I have posted.....

  • #AobFTip: The temps r dropping, but not ready 2 let go of summer dresses yet? Pair with#TeamBlackOpaqueTights for #TeamFancy mix
  • #AobFTip: Create instant Fancy by adding a colorful broach to your coat or jacket!
  • #AobFTip: Everyone has at least 1 great feature. Including you. Find yours and then develop an arsenal of statement pieces to accentuate it!
  • #AobTip: Looking fancy requires planning and work. Those who make it look easy have done the prep OR pay for prep.
  • #AobFTip: When I'm tired, I wear leopard. When I'm sad, I wear leopard. Happy= leopard. Get your #fancy #PickMeUp.
  • #AobFTip: Fancy foundation garments should be like your BFFs: supportive & uplifting (bras) and online shopping: no lines (panties).
  • #AobFTip: It's the season of TIGHTS!! So instead of top down, assess ur outfit from bottom up. Linty, worn out, dusty tights are not#fancy.
  • #AobFTip: If u do nothing else, plan ur outfit 4 Mon am in advance. What's a better way 2 kickstart the week than looking #fancy?
  • #AobFTip: Fall is great 4 experiments & layers! Try ribbed tights under tweed shorts & long sweater or fur vest over ur fav leather jacket!
  • #AobFTip: Fancy is a feeling from inside, not about clothes, designers or labels! Be fancy whenever, whoever, whatever you are!
  • #AobFTip: Burn=ugly old linty winter hat! Buy=cute colored warm winter hat-- it's the 1st thing one sees. Xtra points: add a broach 4 #fancy

I had been praying to the shopping G-Ds for a 40% off coupon sale at Ann Taylor for the past two weeks so I can grab this faux fur Chinchilla vest. What do they send me Saturday morning? 50% off Faux fur weekend. I jumped out of bed, logged in and GRABBED two items:

Ann Taylor Faux Chinchilla vest

Ann Taylor Faux Chinchilla clutch

Yippee! Mr. Winter, I am officially putting you on notice that I am ready for YOU! I'm picturing this with tight leather pants, white button down shirt and LOTS OF BLING!! OR a winter white pencil dress, black long (elbow length) leather gloves and black thigh high boots... What do YOU suggest I wear with them?

In my house, #NYJets Football Sundays has also become #dallascowgirl Sundays (#stillindenial) in addition to church and errand Sundays. Check out what I wore to buy dog food, light bulbs, rock salt and all that other crap that I hate buying, but need...

Ann Taylor sweater coat, white tank bka wifebeater, khaki skinny jeans, black Jeffrey Campbell Britt boots, Givenchy Nightingale in black, leopard print scarf, Dior black Aviator glasses

Fancy Extra: Fancy@Work- Casual Friday

Orange coat, Black vneck sweater by Barami, white tank, Blush pleated chiffon skirt by Lauren Conrad for Kohls, black opaque tights, knee high Christian Dior boots, black Givenchy Nightingale

Have a fancy week!


Miss Fancy

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