Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Fancy Tourist Part II

Part II of my series on tourist chic..

HATS! Hats are essential travel accessories. They keep the sun off your face and a cute hat keeps your focus on enjoying the sites, not worrying about how your hair looks. I prefer straw because they just SCREAM vacation, plus the straw allows your head to "breathe". Check out some of my faves for looking both fancy and cool

Tip for vacation hat buying: Make sure it's travel -friendly. Before buying a vacation straw hat, twist and fold it to check how it keeps its shape. Nothing is worse than unpacking your favorite hat to find it looking dreadful or sad!


BAGS! Do me a favor: Leave the designer bags at home/hotel room. Designer/logo bags can scream: ROB ME! Instead, I suggest going for a roomy, lightweight, color-drenched sling bag that won't kill your shoulders, easily stores small souvenirs you pick up during your tour AND adds a bit of fancy to your outfit.

TIP: Try to carry a bag with a zipper closure. Don't make it easy for a pickpocket!


FOOTWEAR I recommend REAL sneakers. I've seen people on tours in flip flops, other kinds of athletic sandals and ballet sneakers, but it may be best to go with good old-fashioned, light-weight (mesh), lace-up, ALREADY BROKEN IN sneakers. No white or light-colored (unless you want to worry about getting them dirty all day). And of course, some COLOR!! Disclaimer: I don't work for Puma --I just love their sneaker/color combinations!



PUMA H STREET SNEAKERS (in another color combination)

OTHER ACCESSORIES! So this series laid out the basics for looking fancy, but as a true fancy-ista, I know some of you will take these suggestions and make even more fancy (adding a long skinny gauzy scarf, denim vest or long silk scarf as a bandanna/headband). Please err on the side of caution when it comes to jewelry or watches, even costume --as these may invite pickpockets. Plus large, dangly statement jewelery may become distracting/irritating after a long day.

Don't forget to carry sunglasses, travel size tissue, travel size wet wipes, travel size hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray, your camera (and batteries) and lots of water!

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As always, keep it Fancy!

The Fancy Tourist Part I

I L.O.V.E. going on holiday!Have you ever heard the saying: Americans live to work, Europeans work to live... Well Miss Fancy works to holiday!!

Nothing is more exciting to me than planning a trip and being on a trip (and more depressing than returning from one --isn't that flight home THE PITS!!??)

Ok, so we have established how much I love to travel/go on vacation. Well, I am the type of the tourist, that once my tan has effectively set on (tanning =bad, I know ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN)..I want to get out there and EXPLORE.

Don't get me wrong -- I am not by any means an adventure girl (Costa Rica is LOW on the bucket list). I am too fancy to purposely get dirty, BUT I do like to get out and see what makes each particular get-away destination unique. For example in the Dominican Republic a few years back, I went out to the Fort, climbed the waterfalls (and busted my butt coming back down), visited the rum factory and did tons of other things that are unique only to DR.

So while I am here in central/South Mexico, I am doing the same. I have climbed the Sun and Moon pyramids of the ancient Aztec City, walked, walked, walked all over downtown Mexico City and have tons of other tours planned over the next few weeks.

My challenge ( and by some of your emails to me) has always been how to be fancy AND comfortable for tourist activities. Is that even possible? Of course it is, my fancy dolls.

Here's some of my favorites pieces that will have you looking fancy and ready to explore!

SHORTS! Shorts are a dead give-away that you are American tourist. But if its hot, do you want to schlepp around in jeans...If you are on a tour that requires some physical activity, do you want to worry about mooning someone? I don' I go for chic shorts... Utility shorts, self-belting shorts, cuffed shorts are my favorites. AND even if you have great legs, go for ones that have a some coverage, so you are not tugging all day.


J CREW RIVIERA SHORT (I like this entire look, but you might get overheated re-creating it in a warm weather locale)
TOPS! I like layers...depending on when the tour leaves and locale, you might be subject to varying temps (cool in the am/evening, hot in the afternoon). So I usually go for lightweight, loose tanks and cardigan or linen shirt to layer. Cardigans/Lightweight shirts are great because when you start feeling warm, you can just tie them around your waist instead of burdening yourself with something else to carry (such as a denim jacket). Two things to consider:
- Breast size: if you are blessed in this department, select a tee type that allows you to wear a comfortable, full coverage bra; and
- Tan lines: if you are in a warm weather country and doing an outdoor tour, whatever top you wear is going to leave you with a tan line.

My favorite combination is a racerback bra, racerback/tank style tee and linen shirt.



Check for Part II (footwear and accessories)...

Stay Fancy!

Not quite a Fancy Wishlist, but MUST HAVE...

I have taken a hiatus from wish lists...but here are a few items that I think that I MUST HAVE ASAP!

IF I can figure out how to wear these in a way that doesn't scream CLOWN and these are mine!

Fancy Packing: Bag Porn

Here are my bags:

Disclaimer: Apologies in advance if these are anyone's personal pictures. I tried to find pics that closely reflect my bags until I can load my personal pics.

I realized that I forgot to pack a casual/tour appropriate bag!

Celine Luggage tote (Mine has reddish straps and accents AND suede front/back):

Chanel Reissue 2.55 (Mine is bronze colored with dark gunmetal hardware and strap):
Hermes Jige in Red Togo:

Fancy Packing: Shoe Porn


Until I can upload my outfit pics, here are the shoes I packed...

Christian Louboutin patent peep toe sling backs (I think they are Prive style, but mine are Red, with no platform) :
Christian Louboutin Menorca (mine are black and white gingham):
Nine West Barbe suede pump (I packed two pairs: one black suede and the second taupe suede)

Camilla Skovgaard wedge sandal (mine are in black leather)Christian Louboutin Super T in camel:

Christian Louboutin Jean Paul in camel/tan:


- Orange flip flops
- Cream macrame flat sandals
- Blue mesh Puma sneakers

Fancy Faux Pas


Hola from lovely Mexico City!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am here, dodging pick pockets and kidnappers for six weeks! LOL After hearing from the media in the states about how unsafe Mexico is, my expectations were all over the place. But I am having a great time and am fine. Not to suggest that there are no dangers here and it is completely safe. But as long as you use the same level of common sense as you do whenever you travel internationally, you should be fine. It's really not as bad as people think.

I am having a blast! Mexico City is a great city to see. It was originally the Aztec empire of Tenochtitilan (remember learning about that ancient city in grade school), but when the Spanish came and looted, ahem, I mean, conquered the wild natives, Mexico City as we know was begun.

The city has a great mix of sites that are historic and reflect the origins, but also is a very modern city. The area that most of the city covers used to be a lake, but its is all dried out and sits in the basin. The temperature in Late May is HOT, but its gets cool enough at night and in the mornings to require a light cardigan/jacket.

There is so much to see and do within a 2 hour drive. I am slowly crossing all of the MUST -DO's. Some of the places I have been already are: Teotihuacan --the ancient Aztec city, Zocalo --Mexico City's "center" & main plaza, Polanco --the ex-pat haven and home of Mexico City's version of Fifth Avenue and the Basilica of Guadalupe (which also has one of the most revered Catholic shrines - image of Mary when she appeared to a peasant in 1531). Also on my list is a quick visit to Acapulco, which is about an hour flight away.

Here's a pic (via Iphone)from my hotel room - Angel of Independence, which symbolizes Mexico's War of Independence between the people of Mexico and the Spanish.

So now on to my faux pas...There's actually two: I forgot my camera cord to upload pictures and packing a white dress!

I partially redeemed myself and scored this fancy white dress @ Zara!

Hopefully, I can redeem myself by finding the cord before I return home...

Since I can't post pics of my outfits, here are the looks I have created thus far:


  1. White tank; Skirt, Blazer – Navy: Pencil, khaki; Pumps, CL Peeptoe patent, red
  2. Dress – Silk; white w/colorful; Black blousy cardigan; Pumps - Suede, Black
  3. Tank - Shawl collar, Yellow & white; Trousers - Cropped skinny, navy; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel; Blazer - White linen
  4. Dress – Trenchcoat, tan; Sandals - CL Menorca, B&W gingham; Necklace – Red
  5. Sweater - LS, Coral; Skirt - Patterned, grey, black & white; Pumps - Suede, Black; Necklace – Coral
  6. Dress - Flouncy, winter white; Blazer - Black linen; Pumps - CL camel Super T; Belt - Wide, cream
  7. Blouse - Tank, B&W striped; Trousers - Cropped ponte skinny, black; Black blousy cardigan; Pumps - Suede, Black; Necklace – Red
  8. Blouse - Sleeveless v-neck shirt, white; Trousers - Cropped pleated, grey; Grey blousy cardigan; Pumps - CL Peeptoe patent, red
  9. Dress - Funnel neck, sleeveless, black; Sandals - CS wedge, black
Night Out

  1. Orange BCBG bandage skirt; Cream ¾ boat neck sleeve t-shirt; Tan patent belt; Tan CL Jean Paul wedges; big bronze hoops and matching chunky bracelet.
Stay fancy!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Packing Fancy for an Extended trip

Hi fancy gals!

Last week, I was faced with the ultimate fancy challenge: packing for an six week work trip.

What to pack? How to pack? How do I pull off fancy in another country with limited options? How do I narrow down my fancy favorites? The questions were endless....

This was a challenge unlike any other challenge I had faced before. Even packing for a one year graduate program abroad wasn't this tough..

I did what any fancy-ista would do: I opened up an excel spreadsheet and put my fancy hat on. Lists, lists, lists - I started with professional bottoms: a mix between my favorite skirts/pants and the ones I could get the most wear out of (i.e. could recycle but be able to mix with other items to look like a completely different look). Then I tackled work appropriate tops, etc. Next, I threw a few dresses in. And unlike most other packing lists, this go-round, I did shoes last.

Once I had on paper a list that seemed like it could produce about 30 outfits, I started creating outfits with those pieces I had listed. Every now and then, I had to go back to the original list and swap out items that weren't very versatile. My general rule was that I should be able to get at least unique 3 looks from each piece.

Stay tuned as I post my outfits. See how many times you can identify a recycle! At the end of the 6 weeks, I'll post my packing list...

Stay Fancy!