Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fancy falls in love so easy

I've kinda always been the chick who is more in love "with the idea of being in love" than love itself - both in fashion and relationships.

I would fall so quick and so hard... And then-- smoke clears, rose colored glasses come off and here it comes: THE FIZZLE! It's like I put so much into the initial passion that I don't leave enough to sustain for the duration of the love affair. So they never last for long.

Example 1: I add a hard-to-find, sold out EVERYWHERE item to my wish list. I stalk it, I dream about the outfits I would pair it with, I save pictures of different angles of it (and just look at them sporadically during the day) BUT if its not acquired during that #hotheavyloveaffair timeframe, it gets deleted off the list. Fizzle

Example 2: I get inspired and design an outfit in my head. I have everything I need to Ignoring #the3outfitrule, I get this piece, wear the outfit ONCE and then it falls from glory and is relegated to the abyss in the back of my closet, neglected and abandoned until the annual closet purge, where it will then get banished to the Salvation Army. Fizzle

Example 3: I'm dating Mr Right{Now}-- witty, cute, fun. I think about him all the time, have planned the wedding down to the design of our initial monogram, listed several options of cute baby names that's a chic combo of our names, but does not need it's own entry in Websters to pronounce. Then his wit becomes annoying, I start finding that he's only cute when he's sleeping and HAS a fresh shave and the fun needs to grow up. Fizzle

What was wrong with me? (and with you if you see elements of this in yourself)

Absolutely nothing!

What I've come to realize in my #fancy journey through life is that there are things that really matter and things that don't. The things that matter stick around in my closet and my life. I have these blush Gucci OTK boots in my closet from Fall 1999, that has gotten worn every winter for the past 10 years.

10 years! So see! There! I'm not fickle! And in life/love, I finally found my Mr Right!! #nofizzlehere We have a special night coming (cross your ring finger!) and what better way to show up than with a pair of shoes it took me two years to find in my size?? Weren't they worth it?

Amrita Singh Nello earrings, H&M sequin tunic dress, Christian Louboutin Fetilo pumps

Miss Fancy falls in love so easily, but she definitely knows a keeper when she sees it!

Have you?

Keep it Fancy!

PS: I'm going on vacation for a week, so I'll be counting on you, my fancybelles and Fancybeauxs, to hold down the #fancy.

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