Sunday, June 26, 2011

Man Down.. & Fancy Outfits - Week of June 26

"What started out as a simple altercation
Turned into a real sticky situation
Me just thinking on the time that I'm facing
Makes me wanna cry"
Man Down, Rihanna

This song has been running through my head all week:
Trying to decide what to wear to work and goes with flat, open toe shoes? Man Down!
GetMeBodied dress with gladiator sandals? Man Down!
Sexy summer slip dresses and flip flops? Man Down!

This sprained toe is killing my fancy game! I am not anti-flats, but my style is built around my shoes, most of which are heels. This past couple of weeks have turned out to be the ultimate fancy challenge to Miss Fancy.

Good news is that my toe is slowly getting better. I can now wear these heels (they put little pressure on the 2nd to last toe, which is the problem child) with minimal pain. So I have to plan my outfits around these shoes.

It's a 22, I call her Peggy Sue
When she fits right down in my shoes

Outfits for the Week - June 26, 2011

Monday (work): Jacket: Blush Sutton club silk blazer, Dress: Black & white striped from Forever21, Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard black mules (not pictured)

Tuesday (work): Top: Zara orange silky 3/4 blouse, Skirt: Ann Taylor Taupe ponte skirt, Belt: Luggage - bought in a market in Rio De Janeiro, Shoes: Luggage YSL Tribute sandals

Wednesday (work): Jacket: Charter Ivory silk jacket, Dress: Sleeveless Steel blue dress from Forever21, Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard cream mules (not pictured). Also Navy blue skinny patent belt (not pictured)

Thursday (no work, just a drive to airport to pick up boyfriend, then lunch with my parents and then ~smirk~): Dress: Strapless Calvin Klein dress, Shoes: Louboutin Leopard pony hair espadrilles (not pictured)

That's as far as I got..Morale is down... I have a loong weekend (6 days) to keep healing!

Keep it extra Fancy this week ladies (to make up for me) and Happy Independence Day for my American followers!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fancy Challenge: 6 weeks, 2 suitcases Part II

Fancy - istas!

I am going to stop procrastinating and post how (un) successful I was at this challenge.

If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you know I was in Mexico City for 6 weeks for work. I ended up doing 5 weeks and then hopping over to visit the El Salvador office while I was down there.

I #epicfailed and did not take pictures everyday as I promised, but I can list my outfits. I did pretty well; I only caved in one day at Zara and purchased:

- Orange silk blouse
- Green silky blouse
- White tulip style dress
- black A line dress

But for the most part, I stuck to my packing. Here's a list and pics of (most of) the outfits I wore...

5/10: Navy Blazer, White tank, Khaki pencil skirt, CL red patent peep toe shoes

5/11: Black cardigan, silk white patterned dress, black suede pumps (sorry for the blurry pics)

5/12: White linen blazer, Shawl collar, Yellow/ white blouse, Navy trousers, CL camel Jean Paul

5/13: Trenchcoat Dress, CL black/white gingham Menorca, red necklace

5/16: Coral Sweater, Grey/black/white patterned skirt, black suede pumps, coral necklace

5/17: Black linen blazer, Sleeveless Winter white dress, wide cream belt, CL camel Super T shoes

5/18: Black cardigan, Black/white striped tank, Black ponte trousers, black suede pumps, red necklace SORRY NO PICS

5/19: Grey cardigan, Sleeveless v-neck white shirt, Grey trousers, CL red patent peep toe shoes

5/20: Black Funnel neck dress, CL camel jean Paul sandals

5/23: Cream boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee, Cream/Red patterned skirt, taupe suede pumps, Wide cream belt

5/24: Black cardigan, Green blouse, Black ponte trousers, black suede pumps SORRY NO PICS

5/25: Colorful cardigan, Beige silk tank, black trousers, black suede pumps SORRY NO PICS

5/26: Orange silk 3/4 sleeve blouse, camel Trousers, taupe suede pumps SORRY NO PICS

5/27: Black Tshirt dress, CS black wedge sandals, skinny black belt SORRY NO PICS

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Fancy dolls

It's officially summer! I'll gladly suffer through frizzy hair and a shiny face for Mr. Sun, Senor Humidity and Monsignor Hot.

Annnnnnd, it wouldn't be a new season without a wishlist!

My summer wish list is pretty weak (I'm already eyeballing AW11)..

Short and sweet
- White skinny jeans
- Orange flat thong sandals
- Tie dye bandage skirt SCORED!

- Vintage Dior monogram clutch SCORED

- Light weight white tee

Do you see an outfit in the making?

Keep It Fancy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fancy Summer..and a sneak peek into Fancy's Summer Shoe Collection

"The fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. That's why we need special ones every now and then to make the walk a little more fun."
Carrie Bradshaw

Summer is here! Something about summer makes me happy, cheerful and excited. Maybe it's the barely there slip dresses, the bare legged look, the high heeled sandals -- the relaxed, sexy, easy look that you can really only pull during the summer (or on vacation in the Caribbean or South Pacific, but let me focus before I digress. I need a vacation!)

This is my absolute favorite season: I am tanned, I am never cold (except for AC), and most years, if I plan properly, I am also kind of skinny, I am never tired, and it's never too late to have fun. This may be my last summer to walk in a single girl's shoes, so I plan to make it as special as possible.

I am still limping from a sprained toe, but I still took the opportunity today to swap out my winter shoes and boots for some special summer sandals: peep toes, sling backs, espadrilles, hot pink, neon orange, leopard pony hair.

My shoe collection used to be a bit obscene, but I sold ALOT on ebay, gave a few to my sister friends who are lucky enough to be a size 37 and even donated to goodwill..until finally I have gotten it down to a manageable collection that I adore and can be displayed like this (until the Fancy closet is completed).

~sigh~ It may be a few weeks until my toes heals enough to slip some of these beauties on, but my heart still skipped when I saw some of my fancy friends who had been hibernating during the cooler months.

I love them all the same, but there is one special pair that is very near and dear to my heart --which one is your favorite?

Since I am home and can finally upload pics, my outfits pics from the last six weeks will be up SOON!

Have a fancy week and happy Father's Day to all of the daddies and future daddies!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fancy Imitations

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Charles Caleb Colton

I get inspiration from all kinds of celebrities...Here are a few fancy looks that I am digging and am aiming to 'imitate' over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to see my fancy renditions of these looks...

Thanks for the Inspiration, ladies!

Fancy's Proposed Version: Dark denim vest, white wifebeater, green silk pants, YSL Luggage Tribute sandals, Luggage braided belt

Fancy's Proposed Version: Navy Sweetheart neck mini dress, Hot Pink Peeptoe pumps

Fancy's Proposed Version: TBD

Fancy's Proposed Version: White Linen blazer, White wifebeater, black silk shorts, TBD shoes, Coral statement necklace. I may also do a black blazer, heels and another necklace for evening ~wink~

Fancy's Proposed Version: Silk LS orange shirt, Silk khaki shorts, Leopard wedge espadrilles

Fancy's Proposed Version: LS BD White Shirt, Cropped pencil white pants, Leopard wedge espadrilles

Fancy Musings: You are being judged


As I was sitting by the pool this morning and doing my usual (sipping on a margarita, listening to music on my Iphone and people-watching), it dawned on me how I often I judge people by their appearance..

Examples of my thoughts this morning around the pool:
- The girl who carried an LV Monogram Canvas Neverfull: Hmm, new Money. She wants everyone to know she has a designer bag.
- The girl with a full face of makeup, big hoop earrings, bangles and statement necklace: Low self-esteem
- The guy with the big muscles who keep walking back and forth and flexing his pecs: Meathead.

Now some of these opinions are completely off-base and clearly, I was having way to much fun this morning... but I am always judging. I meet someone for the first time. I take a quick peek at their shoes. If its a girl and she is wearing Louboutins or Guccis, I definitely perceive her much differently than if she was wearing Birkenstocks. If she has chipped nail polish, another judgement. Bad makeup, ill-fitting clothes, frizzy hair - judge, JUDGE, J-U-D-G-E.

I am going to try to make myself feel better by blaming it on human nature to look at someone and form an opinion - be it consiously or sub-consiously. But at the end of the day, it really is kind of mean. I really am working on controlling my mean girl side.

And I am sure that I am not the only mean girl in the Fancy House, so if I judge, then you probably slip and judge sometimes as well. And IF I judge, and IF you judge, that also means someone is judging you at some point as well.

The scary part, in addition to all of this judging going on, is that you never know when you are going to bump into and be judged by Mr. Right or even worse, your ex and his new girlfriend... They are definitely going to judge. Do you want them to judge you in a baggy t-shirt, worn old flip flops and holey sweatpants?

Yikes.. dreadful!

Stay fancy..always...

Fancy Challenge: 6 weeks, 2 suitcases

Greetings Fancy-istas!

No luck finding a cord for my camera (to be honest, I keep forgetting to look when I am running the streets of Mexico City) I really won't be able to upload pictures until I get back to states.

I'm taking a detour to El Salvador on the way back, but will FINALLY be home by next weekend, so expect pictures soon....

In the meantime, here are descriptions of the some of the outfits I have thrown together.


1. Shirt - Boat neck 3/4 sleeve, Cream; Skirt - Patterned, Cream & Red; Pumps - Suede, Taupe; Belt- Wide, cream

2. Blouse - Tank silk, beige; Trousers - Cropped pleated, black; Cardigan – Colorful; Pumps - Suede, Black

3. Shirt - Silk, 3/4 sleeve tee, orange; Trousers - Cropped skinny, camel; Pumps - Suede, Taupe

4. Tank – Black; Pants - harem, Leopard; Sandals - CS wedge, black

5. Dress – Red; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel

6. Dress - Flouncy, winter white; Cardigan – Colorful; Belt - Skinny Suede,Taupe; Pumps - Suede, Taupe

7. Shirt - Boat neck 3/4 sleeve, Navy; Skirt - Pencil, khaki; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel; Belt- Wide, cream

8. Blouse - LS BD, white; Skirt - Full, deep pink; Sandals - CL Menorca, B&W gingham; Belt – Black

9. Tank - Shawl collar, Yellow & white; Skirt - Pencil, khaki; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel;

10. Dress - Trenchcoat, tan; Pumps - CL Peeptoe patent, red


1. Dress - Deep v, leopard & black; Blazer - Black linen; Pumps - Suede, Black

2. Tank – Black; Skirt - Ponte, black & white striped; Black Blousy cardigan; Belt - Skinny patent, red

3. Dress - Yellow colorful; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel; Blazer - Black linen

Stay fancy...