Sunday, November 20, 2011

Envy - the root of fancy

Have you ever suffered from envy?

Before you shake your head too emphatically, envy is defined as: (noun)

A feeling of discontented or resentful longing

aroused by someone else's

possessions, qualities, or luck.

SO.... if you've ever admired a celebrity's new purse or that chic blogger's style, you may have succumbed to that which is known as fancy envy.

Before you begin to chide yourself for engaging in one of the Seven Deadly Sins, fancy envy is not entirely a bad thing. In fact, it CAN actually be a good thing -- IF you use it as a motivator.

Way back in 7th grade, I had a classmate who always looked so cute on dress down day (this was the last Friday of the month where we could toss our Catholic school uniforms to the side and wear "street clothes"). "Wow, I wish I could dress so chic." I would say to myself, in my pre-teen voice, in my un-cool jeans and GLASSES (yes, I said glasses)!!

Instead of wallowing in envy and planning her quick and sudden fashion death, I started using my allowance to buy fashion magazines and slowly worked on my parents to buy me "cooler" clothes. Then in high school after I finally convinced my parents to let me have an after school job, I was able to really start developing and funding MY style.

Step by step, slowly, but surely, I defined my fancy. My style today is NOTHING like the style I had back then. I don't even remember that girl's name and probably would not recognize her if I saw her at my school reunion. But I will always remember wanting to feel like I look my best and the confidence and the satisfaction of feeling like I looked great when I focused my energy on me.

And that, my fancybelles, is how Miss Fancy was born. The morale of today's post is that suffering from fancy envy happens to even the fanciest of us. But what you do with it is what makes the difference. I'm not saying that you should not admire or even fancy envy at times, but no outfit, hairstyle, bag or shoe is going to look the same on you that it looked on someone else.


Now, let's get to some items to fancy envy. New additions to my fancy closet:

Amrita Singh Vin Bangles, coral

Amrita Singh Nello earrings, black

Zara Metallic wrap skirt

Miss Fancy

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