Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A fancy embrace of your Wild Side

Happy Tuesday, my Fancybelles and Fancybeaus!!

As you have probably noticed in some my posts - I.ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.ANIMAL.PRINT. So today's post is dedicated to the "clothing" of our two of our wild kingdom friends: the Leopard and the Python.

For the conservative (and adventurous) fancy-ista, it's a great way to "take a walk on the wild side". Adding a snake print cuff bracelet or a leopard print scarf to a plain outfit creates instant #fancy.

AND the most fabulous thing of all is that you can pretend it's a neutral.

So you can pair an orange blouse, black cigarette pants and python print shoes. Or red sheath dress, black opaque tights and leopard print ankle boots. See how easy it can be? Move over nude - - Animal print IS the new Neutral.

Although the two wild kingdom animals that inspire these prints are predators known for quietly sneaking up on their prey, their prints can be a bit loud. You've laughed at some interpretations of it. I've cringed at quite a few. But don't let the animal (print) get the upper hand and intimidate you. If you keep it






you will be the Queen (or King) of the wild!

Just like leopards like to chill up in the trees, it also had a very high place on my accessories list. But lately, python print has been slinking its way into my closet. This past couple of seasons, we have seen some great accessories in these prints -- here are some of my #FANCY FAVS (and wish list items):

Photo Credit: worldwildlife.org

Leopard print Ankle boots

Leopard print enamel bracelet

Leopard print lightweight scarf

Leopard print leather gloves

Photo Credit: Tim Vickers

Python print cuff bracelet

Python print belt

Python print sling backs

Python print clutch

So, Leopard print vs Python print -- which do YOU think is more fancy?

Vote now (via comments - be sure to include your contact email) and be eligible to win an accessory in the winning animal print! Contest ends on November 30th!


  1. Great post! I'm in love with both of these animal prints but I will have to vote for the python being more fancy because we are working the death out of some leopard...this defintely includes me. lol. Thanks for doing this contest.



  2. I am absolutely in love with animal print this season. I just brought some cute booties from Stuart Weitzman and some gorgeous heels from Joan and David