Friday, February 25, 2011

Latest Fancy Acquisition

I know..this wasn't on the wish list..but its my HG...

Spring Wish List ...A FANCY girl always changes her mind!

Greetings fancy friends...

In the words of Bobby Brown, it's my prerogitive...and so it change my mind...

Updated Wish List..

Spring shopping
- DKNY Silk crepe do chine Combo dress

- Zara Studio Blazer, White w/ Black

- Zara Silk top/tank, taupe

- Zara Silk top/blouse, orange

- Long skinny cardigan, cream BOUGHT
- Suede lace up ankle boots, taupe BOUGHT
- Ponte pants @ Asos, black BOUGHT
- Gold mild statement earrings BOUGHT
- Silk blazer, cream BOUGHT
- Silk blazer, blush BOUGHT
- Coral blouse/sweater BOUGHT
- Trench coat dress BOUGHT
- Silky tank, black & white striped BOUGHT
- Coral blazer BOUGHT
- CL Menorca, black & white gingham BOUGHT

Keep it fancy ladies!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fancy Musing: Three Outfit Rule..

So recently, a question about "buying an item knowing you don't have a thing to wear with it" was posed on a list I participate on; a few people commented they just buy stuff or what catches their eye and then figure out the rest later...

Hmm, those of you that are regulars at the Fancy House are chuckling because you know how I feel about that..but if you didn't already know, here goes...

Any [high-priced] item I buy needs to work with at least three outfits that I already own the other key pieces needed to pull it all together..

Sounds boring? Sounds unfancy?

Not really. Looking great is work and requires some level of planning and thought. So I am building a wardrobe, which is built guessed it, my wardrobe!

I want my look to be versatile and fit together in many different ways and pieces..I don't want a closet that is a jigsaw puzzle: this shoe only goes with these pants and this blouse. That's totally UNfun to me..makes my head hurt..makes me sick to my a fashion no-no waiting to how people end up on What Not To how..I think you get my drift.

This is also how I have ended up with fancy stuff that does not go with anything else and ends up just take up space and taking me years to part with. It's almost always inevitable that when I buy something knowing that I have to buy something else to wear with it, it (and the coordinating item IF I ever buy it) ends up at ebay/Salvation army, selling at a loss to my fancy pocketbook...

I LOVE to be able to wear something as soon as I buy it (Yes, I am a new %@$$*#); so that means I need to already have something in my closet to wear with it. The three outfit rule means any newbie to the wardrobe immediately has friends to go out and play with.

Newest addition to the Fancy Closet:

You know I already have three outfits planned for her :O)

Everyone has to be fancy in their own way, so please be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts!

Why I (kinda) hate shopping online

So I ordered this strapless jumpsuit online that I was anxiously awaiting for an upcoming trip.....

I already owned the shoes, accessories and even had "the look" down to how I was going to wear my hair (curly air dried) and make up (lots of black liner and metallic gold shadow)... So all I needed was the freaking jumpsuit to arrive..

I picked it up yesterday.. #epicfail

For the most part, it was just too big. {And even though I order from this site often, I STILL tape measured myself before I ordered.} The waist, the hips, booty & thighs were all too big... Not just a little, but I could have easily gone down a size (or perhaps 2 sizes by the time I'm down with this diet)...the icing on the cake is the boob section was still too small! And those of you that have met me/seen my pics--- while I'm far from a slacker in that dept... I'm def not Pam Anderson endowed..

So, it's off to PO to return tomorrow (love free shipping/returns)... And then to find an even better alternative to the unfancy jumpsuit!

On a high note, these boots were in the order...and I am in LOVE!!

Remember..where there's a shopping disaster, there's always a fancy silver lining...

Fancy Obsessions: Printed pants

Happy Sunday, Fancy Ladies!!!

Today I'm obsessing over my latest craze: printed pants...

I love them in silk or a flowy material, tapered or cropped...

Can't you just picture them in the spring with a coordinating blazer & silk tank OR a plain old white LS button down shirt and sexy bright colored high heel peeptoes. Or during a lusty summer evening on an island with a basic lycra tank, the highest, sexiest red sandals you own and bold statement earrings? I do, hence my latest obsession....

I know they appear challenging to wear because, for most women, their lower half is their "troubled" area (me too) and we've been told to stick to solid colors for that area. BUT I think, with the proper fit and balance AND great fancy confidence, these can work for almost everybody and every body shape.

Here's a few on the list that I need to narrow down (or do I?)






Keep it Fancy!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wish Lists

Why do I even make wishlists when they change almost as soon as I write them down?

The options with these shoes are endless...... navy cigarette pants, white silk shirt, orange silk scarf; navy pencil dress; orange shift dress

I wonder if these glow in the dark...would be fab with those printed pants I post next...

These speak for themselves..I see it with a white button down shirt..or at night with a white wifebeater, my black Cinderella sandals and loads of silver statement jewelry...

I'm hoping these will help me get over not getting the Proenza Schouler sandals from Summer 2010...what do you think?

Snow go away, you are blowing my fancy image...

I been gone for a minute...

now I'm back at the jumpoff....

Hi fancy ladies...I have been busy traveling for pleasure and work (ughh)..and trying to keep my head above all of this snow.

Just wanted to check-in and say ciao!!!
a reader commented on my Spring wishlist, so I am going to update that. I've also created a Vacation/Summer wishlist..

Here we go...

- YSL Suede Tributes, black
- Zebra print espadrille pumps
- CL Fetilo mesh pumps, black
- Pearl layered necklace
- Coral necklace
- Coral blouse/sweater
- Black LS mini dress
- White patent skinny belt
- Silk blazer, blush
- Banana Republic pencil slacks, black
- Long skinny cardigan, cream BOUGHT
- Camel suede ankle boots BOUGHT
- Ponte pants, black & grey BOUGHT
- Gold statement earrings BOUGHT
- Silk blazer, cream BOUGHT

- New bikini
- Coral waterproof watch
- Bronze statement earrings
- Flat jeweled sandals
- White linen shorts
- Navy blue linen shorts
- House of Harlow Veronika woven wedges
- CL Jean Paul patent wedges, red
- CL leopard wedges sandals
- Nude strapless jumpsuit BOUGHT
- Sexy Camel cut out dress BOUGHT
- CL Jean Paul patent wedges, cream BOUGHT
- Camilla Skovgaard suede wedge mule, ash BOUGHT
- Gold hoops BOUGHT
- Black straw fedora hat ($15 at Payless) BOUGHT
- Blue straw fedora hat ($15 at Payless) BOUGHT
- Brown straw fedora hat ($15 at Payless) BOUGHT

It's been tough, but have also stayed within my 6 month shopping budget, while managing to pick up a few cute pieces and cross some items off these same wishlists.

I promise --I'm going to begin posting regularly soon with my outfit of the weeks, spring finds, vacation outfits (my latest obsession)..

Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!!!

Stay fancy!