Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have a Fancy Addiction...or two...

Ok, I'll admit it: My handle is Miss Fancy and I have an addiction.

Fortunately, it's only two things right now: Jewelry and Nail polish.

Fancy Jewelry

I had a decent lot of jewelry, but most of it was crappy pieces that I picked up over the years. So when I started blogging and really looking at my pieces, I decided to start swapping/replacing crap with quality statement pieces. My favorites designers/stores for jewelry right now are Kenneth Jay Lane, Ben-Amun, Amrita Singh, Kendra Scott & Ann Taylor.

These are some of my favs is my current collection (There's some Kenneth Jay Lane, Ann Taylor, Kendra Scott, among others, in the mix):

Necklaces, rings and bracelet, oh my!

Gimme more!

Fancy ears!

Infinite Fancy Arm Party options here

I just bought this vintage antique trunk to store them (note: lots of drawers to house the growing collection):

Like any addiction, it is now starting to get expensive, but I AM ADDICTED! With stores like Neiman Marcus Last Call (they have an eBay store too), I TRY to wait out my favs making it there. These two are on my Christmas wish list:

Erickson Beamon Midnight Oasis earrings

Kendra Scott Kavita earrings in turquoise


Fancy Nails

Nail polish is totally my guilty pleasure. I.LOVE. nail.polish. It adds pop to a plain outfit and makes me feel fancy! I probably paint my nails every other day. Navy blue one day, nude the next time, Revlon Red the following. Since I am not a designer nail polish snob (I'll buy anything from Essie to Revlon to OPI, Sally Hansen, Chanel), it’s not an expensive addiction…yet. Now that Duane Reade has these new fancy stores and carry a much larger variety of cosmetics, my nail polish box is starting to look like a rainbow!

These are my latest polish addictions - I plan on wearing them ALL #fancy FALL.

Revlon Midnight Affair

OPI My Private Jet

What is your Fancy addiction? Let me know!

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