Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fancy Regrets and Fancy Outfits-Week of the July 24

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell

I am guilty of something I advise aspiring fancy-istas to NEVER do... procrastination.

I came across these pants when I was in Mexico City. I kept putting off going to Zara, forgot about them when I returned to the states, got caught up in 4th of July festivities and plain ole life AND now these pants

are sold out, no longer available, G-O-N-E!

While I am huge supporter of the "Wait, Sleep on it" rule (Fancy Rule: Most impulsive purchases are regret filled ones. Unless it is the LAST one, walk away, sleep on it and if you still want it in the morning--GRAB IT!) to avoid a different kind of regret purchases, procrastination never results in a happy ending.

If you love it, get it before it's gone or you will regret it -- that goes for fashion and love! You might miss out on paradise.......

I am resigned to scouring ebay for them. They are by Zara, Spring/Summer 2011, so if you happen to come across a pair in size 8, please, please, please email me.

And for your viewing pleasure....I now present...

Fancy Outfits - Week of July 24th

Monday (work) : Green short sleeve blouse from Zara, Calvin Klein light beige slacks, Banana Republic brown/taupe sandals, misc necklaces

Tuesday (work): Colorful cardigan from Target, Orange sweater tank from, Brown skirt with leather-like trim from Forever21, Banana Republic brown/taupe sandals

Wednesday (work): Ivory silk jacket from Charter Club, Yellow leopard print dress from BCBG, Gucci horsebit cream suede peep toe pumps

I'll post the rest of the week when I figure them put..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crunk is dead! Not according to Miss Fancy...

Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)
Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)
Halftime by Ying Yang Brothers

So I was talking to my boyfriend the other night on the phone and slipped in the word "crunk" during the conversation. After laughing at me for about five minutes, MrKnowItAll proceeded to inform me that no one uses the word crunk anymore and it's dead.

Hold up - wait a minute! What!!! (in your best Lil John voice) Crunk is dead? When did this happen? Who authorized this?

Of course, I was devastated and near distraught over the news. How could this be? Then I started thinking about it and realized crunk is not dead; it has been on a bit of a hiatus. But crunk is coming back in full effect and the evidence of this is all over the 'net.. because.....


And since I can show you better than I can tell you...


Photo Credit:



Photo Credit:

So obviously, crunk cannot possibly be dead. Shout out to some of my favorite fashion bloggers who keep it crunk (with no professional stylist) that I highlighted this week.

My mission to you, my dear fancy-istas, should you choose to accept it, is to add a bit of crunk to your life.

Keep it fancy (and a bit crunk)!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fall 2011 Wish List

Hi all

Fall Wish Lists??!! It's only July, right?

As much as I am melting in this sweltering NYC heat and cannot even stand to think of boots and leather, I cannot help but think ahead when it comes to fancy and shopping.

There are a few things that have caught my eye already, so I started a list in my trusty notebook (Fancy takeaway: A Fancy girl always carries a notebook at all times to jot down her fancy thoughts!). But I have not decided exactly what will my "Fancy Theme" for Fall 2011 --BUT it will hit me soon.

As for my Fall 2011 signature colors, I have not yet given up the idea of taupe since I have been clinging to it since Spring, but there will definitely be some spots of leopard and these!!!

In the meantime, here is the beginning of my Fall 2011 Wish List:
- Long chiffon scarf, color TBD
- Black pants suit
- Ann Taylor White Shirt
* I heart her shirts!!

- Zara Motorcycle jacket, black

- Jeffery Campbell Brit Motorcycle boots, black: $250.00

- Converse sneakers, red

- CL Fetilo mesh pumps, black

- Boucle-ish funnel neck patterned knee length coat

- Pom knitted hat & matching gloves

AND if I get this transfer/promotion (insert drum roll), THIS:

*but with red, rather than orange...

Keep It Fancy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fancy Outfits - Week of July 10

Happy Sunday!

It's hot, I'm hot, Luca the bull dog who thinks he's human is hot. I am still in a funk, which matches the funk of NYC when summer is in full effect, so it is not all good, but #IzAllGood.

All I have for you this week is just fancy fashion. Enjoy!

Outfits for the Week: July 10

Monday (work): Flowery, frilly wrap dress from Dor L'Dor (boutique in tri-state area), Green cardigan from Ann Taylor, Louboutin Jean Paul camel wedge sandal

Tuesday (work): Ann Taylor black and white linen tweed-ish pant suit, white tee from Old Navy, black suede pumps (not shown), turquoise necklace

close up of necklace

Wednesday (work): Lime green silk shirt from Forever 21, khaki pencil skirt, jeweled khaki/taupe stretch belt from H&M, Pucci colorful pumps

stock photo of pumps

Thursday (work): White LS BD shirt from H&M, pink full skirt from Target, black Coach belt, Louboutin black & white gingham espadrilles

Friday (work): Black gauzy dress, red broach from Banana Republic, Louboutin linen red peep toe pumps

I went through a rose/pink gold phase a few years ago and re-discovered the jewelry that I amassed. These will be my main jewelry for the week.

Rose Gold Fossil Watch, rose gold bracelet with colorful stones, rose gold layered ring, rose gold knot earrings, rose gold bracelet

Keep it Fancy this week! Smooch!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fancy Musing: What defines YOUR Style

Hi Fancy-istas!

I took a small hiatus from posting as my adorable BF was in town! I was beaming with happiness

Then he left this morning and now I am sick with sadness..BUT I did a bit of online shopping before he arrived, so I have some beauties on their way (pics below)...

But now for the topic of the day. This was inspired by an email thread on a list I am on; the topic was signature style. Hmmm, so what exactly IS signature style? Does a every gal need one? Should YOU have one? Should you have JUST one? And does that make you un-fancy if you do not have one?

Wanna know what Miss Fancy Thinks?

YOUR signature style should be exactly what you decide it should be.

I totally believe in a signature look....BUT for most of the time. Clothes are too fabulous, shoes are too exciting, accessories are way too vast---in short, fashion is just way too freaking amazing to feel like you have to lock yourself into the box of a signature style EVERY DAY.

Life is supposed to be grand. And if getting dressed up like a gypsy one day, a goth queen the next, a sexy bombshell the next AND a wall street diva the day after makes you feel fancy, then go on and be the versatile fancy-ista that is inside of you!

I'll admit, no one will ever confuse me with someone who is very eclectic/ bohemian OR preppy OR biker girl. My signature style has a common thread. But there are some outfits I put on that cross multiple signatures (a denim vest OR polo shirt/ khaki pants, ribbon in hair OR motorcycle leather jacket and these to-die-for biker boots that I am eyeing for fall).

IF I wear a sexy bandage dress to a bar with short black motorcycle boots and black leather jacket this fall-- what style category is that?

I call it fancy...

NEW SHOES always helps to dull the sadness :o)

Have fun, make it fancy and be totally ok with it!!

Miss Fancy