Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fancy Regrets and Fancy Outfits-Week of the July 24

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell

I am guilty of something I advise aspiring fancy-istas to NEVER do... procrastination.

I came across these pants when I was in Mexico City. I kept putting off going to Zara, forgot about them when I returned to the states, got caught up in 4th of July festivities and plain ole life AND now these pants

are sold out, no longer available, G-O-N-E!

While I am huge supporter of the "Wait, Sleep on it" rule (Fancy Rule: Most impulsive purchases are regret filled ones. Unless it is the LAST one, walk away, sleep on it and if you still want it in the morning--GRAB IT!) to avoid a different kind of regret purchases, procrastination never results in a happy ending.

If you love it, get it before it's gone or you will regret it -- that goes for fashion and love! You might miss out on paradise.......

I am resigned to scouring ebay for them. They are by Zara, Spring/Summer 2011, so if you happen to come across a pair in size 8, please, please, please email me.

And for your viewing pleasure....I now present...

Fancy Outfits - Week of July 24th

Monday (work) : Green short sleeve blouse from Zara, Calvin Klein light beige slacks, Banana Republic brown/taupe sandals, misc necklaces

Tuesday (work): Colorful cardigan from Target, Orange sweater tank from, Brown skirt with leather-like trim from Forever21, Banana Republic brown/taupe sandals

Wednesday (work): Ivory silk jacket from Charter Club, Yellow leopard print dress from BCBG, Gucci horsebit cream suede peep toe pumps

I'll post the rest of the week when I figure them put..

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