Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fall 2011 Wish List

Hi all

Fall Wish Lists??!! It's only July, right?

As much as I am melting in this sweltering NYC heat and cannot even stand to think of boots and leather, I cannot help but think ahead when it comes to fancy and shopping.

There are a few things that have caught my eye already, so I started a list in my trusty notebook (Fancy takeaway: A Fancy girl always carries a notebook at all times to jot down her fancy thoughts!). But I have not decided exactly what will my "Fancy Theme" for Fall 2011 --BUT it will hit me soon.

As for my Fall 2011 signature colors, I have not yet given up the idea of taupe since I have been clinging to it since Spring, but there will definitely be some spots of leopard and these!!!

In the meantime, here is the beginning of my Fall 2011 Wish List:
- Long chiffon scarf, color TBD
- Black pants suit
- Ann Taylor White Shirt
* I heart her shirts!!

- Zara Motorcycle jacket, black

- Jeffery Campbell Brit Motorcycle boots, black: $250.00

- Converse sneakers, red

- CL Fetilo mesh pumps, black

- Boucle-ish funnel neck patterned knee length coat

- Pom knitted hat & matching gloves

AND if I get this transfer/promotion (insert drum roll), THIS:

*but with red, rather than orange...

Keep It Fancy!

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