Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fancy Musing: What defines YOUR Style

Hi Fancy-istas!

I took a small hiatus from posting as my adorable BF was in town! I was beaming with happiness

Then he left this morning and now I am sick with sadness..BUT I did a bit of online shopping before he arrived, so I have some beauties on their way (pics below)...

But now for the topic of the day. This was inspired by an email thread on a list I am on; the topic was signature style. Hmmm, so what exactly IS signature style? Does a every gal need one? Should YOU have one? Should you have JUST one? And does that make you un-fancy if you do not have one?

Wanna know what Miss Fancy Thinks?

YOUR signature style should be exactly what you decide it should be.

I totally believe in a signature look....BUT for most of the time. Clothes are too fabulous, shoes are too exciting, accessories are way too vast---in short, fashion is just way too freaking amazing to feel like you have to lock yourself into the box of a signature style EVERY DAY.

Life is supposed to be grand. And if getting dressed up like a gypsy one day, a goth queen the next, a sexy bombshell the next AND a wall street diva the day after makes you feel fancy, then go on and be the versatile fancy-ista that is inside of you!

I'll admit, no one will ever confuse me with someone who is very eclectic/ bohemian OR preppy OR biker girl. My signature style has a common thread. But there are some outfits I put on that cross multiple signatures (a denim vest OR polo shirt/ khaki pants, ribbon in hair OR motorcycle leather jacket and these to-die-for biker boots that I am eyeing for fall).

IF I wear a sexy bandage dress to a bar with short black motorcycle boots and black leather jacket this fall-- what style category is that?

I call it fancy...

NEW SHOES always helps to dull the sadness :o)

Have fun, make it fancy and be totally ok with it!!

Miss Fancy

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