Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fancy Musings: Cleansing is not just for closets AND getting ready for Fall

When two girl who are "friends" start dating two guys who are "friends", inevitably a mess is the result. Some women do a really good job of balancing love and life .....and some women are just built to always choose D!ck over Chicks (DoC) --regardless as to whether that d!ck is actually worth the sacrifice.

I knew for almost 7 months that someone I had considered a fracquaintance (not really friend, but a bit more than an acquaintance) had chosen DoC, but this week, I finally had the opportunity to confront the person and address it. The "friendship" was over for me the minute I first heard about the DOC decision, but it just felt really good to let that person know that I knew and more importantly, I simply did not care to salvage the relationship with her. I wished her well, but I would no longer be part of the ride.

People come in and out of your life for a reason. Sometimes you have clean more than your closet!

Just a few pieces I picked up over the past week or so in prep for a Fancy Fall (no, I don't plan on wearing these all at once!)

Keep it Fancy!


  1. Fancy- you stay with the badest fashion pieces! can you please start posting where we can buy these items too? Lusting for that jacket even though I live in hot ass Miami!

    As for the friend, that is messed up! But just like fashion, some people are only meant to be around for the season!