Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fancy Outfits - Week of July 10

Happy Sunday!

It's hot, I'm hot, Luca the bull dog who thinks he's human is hot. I am still in a funk, which matches the funk of NYC when summer is in full effect, so it is not all good, but #IzAllGood.

All I have for you this week is just fancy fashion. Enjoy!

Outfits for the Week: July 10

Monday (work): Flowery, frilly wrap dress from Dor L'Dor (boutique in tri-state area), Green cardigan from Ann Taylor, Louboutin Jean Paul camel wedge sandal

Tuesday (work): Ann Taylor black and white linen tweed-ish pant suit, white tee from Old Navy, black suede pumps (not shown), turquoise necklace

close up of necklace

Wednesday (work): Lime green silk shirt from Forever 21, khaki pencil skirt, jeweled khaki/taupe stretch belt from H&M, Pucci colorful pumps

stock photo of pumps

Thursday (work): White LS BD shirt from H&M, pink full skirt from Target, black Coach belt, Louboutin black & white gingham espadrilles

Friday (work): Black gauzy dress, red broach from Banana Republic, Louboutin linen red peep toe pumps

I went through a rose/pink gold phase a few years ago and re-discovered the jewelry that I amassed. These will be my main jewelry for the week.

Rose Gold Fossil Watch, rose gold bracelet with colorful stones, rose gold layered ring, rose gold knot earrings, rose gold bracelet

Keep it Fancy this week! Smooch!

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