Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why I (kinda) hate shopping online

So I ordered this strapless jumpsuit online that I was anxiously awaiting for an upcoming trip.....

I already owned the shoes, accessories and even had "the look" down to how I was going to wear my hair (curly air dried) and make up (lots of black liner and metallic gold shadow)... So all I needed was the freaking jumpsuit to arrive..

I picked it up yesterday.. #epicfail

For the most part, it was just too big. {And even though I order from this site often, I STILL tape measured myself before I ordered.} The waist, the hips, booty & thighs were all too big... Not just a little, but I could have easily gone down a size (or perhaps 2 sizes by the time I'm down with this diet)...the icing on the cake is the boob section was still too small! And those of you that have met me/seen my pics--- while I'm far from a slacker in that dept... I'm def not Pam Anderson endowed..

So, it's off to PO to return tomorrow (love free shipping/returns)... And then to find an even better alternative to the unfancy jumpsuit!

On a high note, these boots were in the order...and I am in LOVE!!

Remember..where there's a shopping disaster, there's always a fancy silver lining...

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