Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fancy Musing: Three Outfit Rule..

So recently, a question about "buying an item knowing you don't have a thing to wear with it" was posed on a list I participate on; a few people commented they just buy stuff or what catches their eye and then figure out the rest later...

Hmm, those of you that are regulars at the Fancy House are chuckling because you know how I feel about that..but if you didn't already know, here goes...

Any [high-priced] item I buy needs to work with at least three outfits that I already own the other key pieces needed to pull it all together..

Sounds boring? Sounds unfancy?

Not really. Looking great is work and requires some level of planning and thought. So I am building a wardrobe, which is built guessed it, my wardrobe!

I want my look to be versatile and fit together in many different ways and pieces..I don't want a closet that is a jigsaw puzzle: this shoe only goes with these pants and this blouse. That's totally UNfun to me..makes my head hurt..makes me sick to my a fashion no-no waiting to how people end up on What Not To how..I think you get my drift.

This is also how I have ended up with fancy stuff that does not go with anything else and ends up just take up space and taking me years to part with. It's almost always inevitable that when I buy something knowing that I have to buy something else to wear with it, it (and the coordinating item IF I ever buy it) ends up at ebay/Salvation army, selling at a loss to my fancy pocketbook...

I LOVE to be able to wear something as soon as I buy it (Yes, I am a new %@$$*#); so that means I need to already have something in my closet to wear with it. The three outfit rule means any newbie to the wardrobe immediately has friends to go out and play with.

Newest addition to the Fancy Closet:

You know I already have three outfits planned for her :O)

Everyone has to be fancy in their own way, so please be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts!

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