Sunday, October 24, 2010

Short Week--not feeling fancy at all

This is a short week for me because I am off to Miami to visit my sister and partake in crazy Halloween South Beach activities. YEAH!! Much needed vacation.
Problem is, I need to make it through these next three days before I get there.

Given that, let me insert my caveat for these outfits here by stating up front that I am so not inspired for work outfits this week. I am already picturing myself laying on the beach and enjoying sun, sand and liquor!

How do you get inspired when you feel SO uninspired?

Monday: Grey suede blazer, white sleeveless shirt, navy straight legged slacks, purple suede YSLs, purple necklace

Tuesday: Black pinstripe suit (slacks and vest), taupe silk shirt, beige/pinkish large pearls, black & white spectator pumps

Wednesday: Bleu & white striped long sleeve shirt, black pencil skirt, beige wide belt (will pair with black opaque tights and black suede pumps)

As always, remember to keep it FANCY!

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