Sunday, October 3, 2010

Confident vs. Arrogant

I always hear friends say " I love a Confident man, but I can't stand arrogance!"

Seriously, what's the difference between confident and arrogant?

Is being confident when one carries themselves with a sense of self and arrogance when they are just trying way too hard?

And when does that arrogance cross over into narcissism (Oh, when they start getting annoying)..but arrogance can be annoying, too. And what's the line between arrogance and cockiness?

Are you confused yet? I am...So, while you ponder these life-altering questions: here's my outfits for the week!

My outfits for the Week of 3 October (DRUMROLL!!! apologies for the poor quality…I was snapping while watching the Giants game)..

Mon: Black blazer, a cream mini dress with a ruffled bottom, opaque black tights, worn with a black patent skinny belt OVER the jacket. I have black patent Biancas in the office that I’ll wear these with.

Tuesday: Pumpkin & Cream patterned skirt, Pumpkin blouse, taupe blazer, thick dark brown belt over blazer. I have to figure out what shoes I am going to wear with this outfit because ironically, I don’t own a pair of plain dark brown pumps. I do have a pair of taupe patent pumps (that are close to the blazer ) at the office.

Wednesday: Beige cardigan, Mustard blouse with bow detail, brown patterned skirt (the skirt has a tweedy print, but is light weight wool), skinny beige suede belt, Burberry pumps or Leopard peeptoes –VOTE NOW!!

Thursday: I am still playing with this day’s outfit..I have plans for after work, so I need something sexy, but professionally..and trying to work in my Maggie’s!

Friday: Greige silk shirt (with sleeves rolled up), brownish- grey vest (this fits like a corset when buttoned up), pencil black pants (LOVE ZARA!!), Hot pink peep toes…

I have not pulled accessories yet, but since this week’s outfits are busy, I probably won’t wear much except my black ceramic Rado watch, diamond studs and right hand diamond ring.

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