Sunday, November 21, 2010


So one of my past times/guilty pleasures is a listserv about fashion; on it we we talk about fashion, trends, shopping, you know, girl stuff.

Last week, one of the girls on the 'serv sent an email titled: &*&* (insert my name) know everything about fashion!!! Talk about ego stroking! She then asked me how do I stay so fashionable? Really? I'm fashionable? LOL

As I attempted to answer her question, I thought it would be a great blog post:

I work really hard to be fancy on a daily basis. I like clothes and shoes and bags. I REALLY like looking fantastic. I love to walk into a room and be noticed. Looking great helps my already inflated ego…or maybe my ego is so big because I know I look great. Even on those days if I feel crappy or is just a stinky day in the office – on the outside I still look great. So when I catch my reflection, I smile. I want each moment to be memorable! You never who you will meet, or what will happen and I hate looking back at something like, "Oh gosh, that is what I was wearing?" That wasn't fancy at all.

You can imagine how cheesed up I have been since that email and all of the replies co-signing. It's nice to know that someone else GETS IT.

Thanks ladies ~waving~

(sorry for the pic quality..I’m feeling lazy)

Monday: Slate gray silk shirt, slate grey pleated skirt, worn with black opaque tights and black patent leather/suede lace-up booties. I got these boots for under $40 at DSW last week..GASP! They are by Joan and David!!

Tuesday: White LS collarless BD, Brown military-style & leather trim pencil skirt, brown opaque tights, shoes tbd

close up of jewelry I will pair with this 'fit.

Wednesday: Lime green silk SS blouse, Navy pinstriped tulip skirt, (to be worn with black lace tights and black pumps)

Wednesday night: Leopard knee length jersey dress, black high patent pumps with studded trim

Thursday (Thanksgiving dinner): Taupe scoop neck sleeveless jersey dress, pale pink cardigan with lace detail on back, dark brown wide belt, dark brown thigh high boots. I have had these boots for 5 years--steal in Sorrento for the equivalent of $30...softest leather I have ever felt...regret not buying them in black as well..

close up of sweater detail

Friday: HELP??? Any suggestions? Someone style me!!!

COMING UP NEXT WEEK: FANCY does one stay on top of their fancy game?

Don't forget to give thanks on Thursday, whether its for the new Chloe bag you scored on GILT, or for the wonderful people in your life.

Make each moment FANCY!

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