Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Thou shall Not Covet"

Ahh,the 10 commandments! The rules of life. No matter what religion you are, whether Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, etc....these commandments pretty much universally outline the basics: "Love Thy Neighbor" , "Thou Shall Not Steal" -- you can google the rest if you don't have 8 years of Catholic school like I did.

Despite all of Father Brady's (RIP) hard work, that darn 10th commandment (after "Thou Shall Not Lie", but little white lies never hurt anybody, right?) is especially tough for me. I covet, desire, I downright NEED everything, especially the things I can't/shouldn't have. Yeah, I know most interpretations specify thy neighbor's wife, house, etc...but in the FANCYHOUSE, we are talking about fashion. They didn't have YSL or Louboutins or Gucci python clutches back in the day.

So when the tents go up in Bryant Park, I. MUST.HAVE whatever they are peddling.

Coveting is really, really bad. Thank goodness, my problem has not put me $50k in debt or bankrupt. I'm usually pretty good about not prioritizing new shoes over bills. But I do covet the Chanel reissue flap bag in metallic. Any metallic color will do. I do covet the Louboutin Paola lace boot in a size 38. I really do. and one day, I'll have a Birkin. Just you wait and see.

Anyway, every season I make a wishlist. It always includes basics (New black slacks, new white button down shirt, etc.). But it also had ridiculously expensive items (note the plural) --like the LV Murakami MC Speedy back in 2005 -- and I would get them because I worked on Wall Street, was single, no kids, no mortgage, no worries and spending over $5k on several bags and shoes every season cause

I don't like it if it don't gleam clean
And to hell with the price
cause the money ain't a thang

Well...I have been trying something new the past few seasons: a "Nice-To-Have" List for extravagant items and then a more realistic, attainable WISHLIST, with more reasonable items to I like.

Thou Shall Covet, but it's only a shoe, right?

shout out to the homeowners
The girls that got diplomas
And enough money to loan us

Signing off from the FANCYHOUSE

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