Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Packing Fancy for an Extended trip

Hi fancy gals!

Last week, I was faced with the ultimate fancy challenge: packing for an six week work trip.

What to pack? How to pack? How do I pull off fancy in another country with limited options? How do I narrow down my fancy favorites? The questions were endless....

This was a challenge unlike any other challenge I had faced before. Even packing for a one year graduate program abroad wasn't this tough..

I did what any fancy-ista would do: I opened up an excel spreadsheet and put my fancy hat on. Lists, lists, lists - I started with professional bottoms: a mix between my favorite skirts/pants and the ones I could get the most wear out of (i.e. could recycle but be able to mix with other items to look like a completely different look). Then I tackled work appropriate tops, etc. Next, I threw a few dresses in. And unlike most other packing lists, this go-round, I did shoes last.

Once I had on paper a list that seemed like it could produce about 30 outfits, I started creating outfits with those pieces I had listed. Every now and then, I had to go back to the original list and swap out items that weren't very versatile. My general rule was that I should be able to get at least unique 3 looks from each piece.

Stay tuned as I post my outfits. See how many times you can identify a recycle! At the end of the 6 weeks, I'll post my packing list...

Stay Fancy!


  1. I love this blog!! Keep the posts coming!!

  2. I'm so excited! :o)