Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Fancy Tourist Part I

I L.O.V.E. going on holiday!Have you ever heard the saying: Americans live to work, Europeans work to live... Well Miss Fancy works to holiday!!

Nothing is more exciting to me than planning a trip and being on a trip (and more depressing than returning from one --isn't that flight home THE PITS!!??)

Ok, so we have established how much I love to travel/go on vacation. Well, I am the type of the tourist, that once my tan has effectively set on (tanning =bad, I know ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN)..I want to get out there and EXPLORE.

Don't get me wrong -- I am not by any means an adventure girl (Costa Rica is LOW on the bucket list). I am too fancy to purposely get dirty, BUT I do like to get out and see what makes each particular get-away destination unique. For example in the Dominican Republic a few years back, I went out to the Fort, climbed the waterfalls (and busted my butt coming back down), visited the rum factory and did tons of other things that are unique only to DR.

So while I am here in central/South Mexico, I am doing the same. I have climbed the Sun and Moon pyramids of the ancient Aztec City, walked, walked, walked all over downtown Mexico City and have tons of other tours planned over the next few weeks.

My challenge ( and by some of your emails to me) has always been how to be fancy AND comfortable for tourist activities. Is that even possible? Of course it is, my fancy dolls.

Here's some of my favorites pieces that will have you looking fancy and ready to explore!

SHORTS! Shorts are a dead give-away that you are American tourist. But if its hot, do you want to schlepp around in jeans...If you are on a tour that requires some physical activity, do you want to worry about mooning someone? I don' I go for chic shorts... Utility shorts, self-belting shorts, cuffed shorts are my favorites. AND even if you have great legs, go for ones that have a some coverage, so you are not tugging all day.


J CREW RIVIERA SHORT (I like this entire look, but you might get overheated re-creating it in a warm weather locale)
TOPS! I like layers...depending on when the tour leaves and locale, you might be subject to varying temps (cool in the am/evening, hot in the afternoon). So I usually go for lightweight, loose tanks and cardigan or linen shirt to layer. Cardigans/Lightweight shirts are great because when you start feeling warm, you can just tie them around your waist instead of burdening yourself with something else to carry (such as a denim jacket). Two things to consider:
- Breast size: if you are blessed in this department, select a tee type that allows you to wear a comfortable, full coverage bra; and
- Tan lines: if you are in a warm weather country and doing an outdoor tour, whatever top you wear is going to leave you with a tan line.

My favorite combination is a racerback bra, racerback/tank style tee and linen shirt.



Check for Part II (footwear and accessories)...

Stay Fancy!

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