Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fancy Faux Pas


Hola from lovely Mexico City!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am here, dodging pick pockets and kidnappers for six weeks! LOL After hearing from the media in the states about how unsafe Mexico is, my expectations were all over the place. But I am having a great time and am fine. Not to suggest that there are no dangers here and it is completely safe. But as long as you use the same level of common sense as you do whenever you travel internationally, you should be fine. It's really not as bad as people think.

I am having a blast! Mexico City is a great city to see. It was originally the Aztec empire of Tenochtitilan (remember learning about that ancient city in grade school), but when the Spanish came and looted, ahem, I mean, conquered the wild natives, Mexico City as we know was begun.

The city has a great mix of sites that are historic and reflect the origins, but also is a very modern city. The area that most of the city covers used to be a lake, but its is all dried out and sits in the basin. The temperature in Late May is HOT, but its gets cool enough at night and in the mornings to require a light cardigan/jacket.

There is so much to see and do within a 2 hour drive. I am slowly crossing all of the MUST -DO's. Some of the places I have been already are: Teotihuacan --the ancient Aztec city, Zocalo --Mexico City's "center" & main plaza, Polanco --the ex-pat haven and home of Mexico City's version of Fifth Avenue and the Basilica of Guadalupe (which also has one of the most revered Catholic shrines - image of Mary when she appeared to a peasant in 1531). Also on my list is a quick visit to Acapulco, which is about an hour flight away.

Here's a pic (via Iphone)from my hotel room - Angel of Independence, which symbolizes Mexico's War of Independence between the people of Mexico and the Spanish.

So now on to my faux pas...There's actually two: I forgot my camera cord to upload pictures and packing a white dress!

I partially redeemed myself and scored this fancy white dress @ Zara!

Hopefully, I can redeem myself by finding the cord before I return home...

Since I can't post pics of my outfits, here are the looks I have created thus far:


  1. White tank; Skirt, Blazer – Navy: Pencil, khaki; Pumps, CL Peeptoe patent, red
  2. Dress – Silk; white w/colorful; Black blousy cardigan; Pumps - Suede, Black
  3. Tank - Shawl collar, Yellow & white; Trousers - Cropped skinny, navy; Sandals - CL Jean Paul, Camel; Blazer - White linen
  4. Dress – Trenchcoat, tan; Sandals - CL Menorca, B&W gingham; Necklace – Red
  5. Sweater - LS, Coral; Skirt - Patterned, grey, black & white; Pumps - Suede, Black; Necklace – Coral
  6. Dress - Flouncy, winter white; Blazer - Black linen; Pumps - CL camel Super T; Belt - Wide, cream
  7. Blouse - Tank, B&W striped; Trousers - Cropped ponte skinny, black; Black blousy cardigan; Pumps - Suede, Black; Necklace – Red
  8. Blouse - Sleeveless v-neck shirt, white; Trousers - Cropped pleated, grey; Grey blousy cardigan; Pumps - CL Peeptoe patent, red
  9. Dress - Funnel neck, sleeveless, black; Sandals - CS wedge, black
Night Out

  1. Orange BCBG bandage skirt; Cream ¾ boat neck sleeve t-shirt; Tan patent belt; Tan CL Jean Paul wedges; big bronze hoops and matching chunky bracelet.
Stay fancy!



  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love this white zara dress. Do you think they're still selling it in stores?

  2. Hi, I love the white dress from Zara. Do you know the name or item number of this dress. I looked on their website and could not find it, however I may try e-bay.