Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fancy Bans

I don't do cold turkey shopping hiatuses because I work too hard not to enjoy my money. What I do do is a shopping allowance.

Every year, I prioritize my goals, set target dates and a high level budget. For example, one of my 1Q goals is to finish transitioning one of my guest rooms into a walk in closet by Feb 28. I also want to pay off my car and 1/2 of my grad school loans by June 1. So in order to do, I've set my shopping cap to $200 a month (or $1200 to June 30). If I make a big purchase, it decreases my shopping allocation for the next month (or next few months depending on size of purchase).

Another thing I do, is make lists of what I need/ want. And diligently force myself to stick to the list OR justify the item. It has to make sense and be able to immediately be part of my regular rotation to come home with me.

Fancy List for Spring 2011

  • YSL Tributes, black suede

  • Pearl layered necklace

  • Coral necklace

  • Coral blouse

  • Wide Nude Patent belt

  • Taupe/Beige suede thick belt

  • Brown skinny lizard

  • Long skinny cardigan, black

  • Long skinny cardigan, cream

  • White BD LS shirt @ Ann Taylor

  • Nude silk blazer

  • Banana Republic slacks, black
  • Silk pencil patterned pants
  • Silk jumpsuits!!

I don't shop anymore just to say I have stuff. I hate having unworn, unused stuff laying around...

Have y'all seen boarders??!!

Happy Fancy Year!


  1. Love it---I have to get ready for Regionals and already have an idea of what I'm wearing one night. I haven't written it down, but it's in my head.

    I'll go write it now!

  2. I will need to remember to shop with a purpose from now on. I'm glad I read this! :o)