Monday, December 27, 2010

Fancy-fying your wardrobe

This is Part II of the series...

So after you have taking done your closet overhaul (See "Fancy begins in the closet" from Nov 23, 2010)... now you can take inventory of what you need. You need a notebook, a pen and space to assess your wardrobe to begin...

Accessories are the number one way to fancy up your wardrobe and get a big bang for your buck. But the inventory part of the process is uuber important because you have to know what you have to see how everything will fit together and determine what you need.

Let's go back to the "Keep" pile -- What will add quick, cheap-ish (in price, but not quality) and dirty additions a.k.a. "extras" that you will wear and will add color, depth and complexity to your wardrobe IS the question you should be asking yourself as you create a list.

I recently bought a cream enamel flowery bracelet (pic of a similar item below) for $20 for just that purpose: this will go great with all black, many of my dresses, jeans and a white shirt, etc.

As you go through this process, create a list of items (see why you needed pen and paper?) you need (staples/basics & extras); keep the extras vague, like red belt or "Purple ?". Also, visit some of your favorite fashion websites/blogs to find out what's trendy for the fall, so you can kill a few birds with one stone. I love these brooches to add depth to a blazer or simple dress:

Prioritize your list by staples (such as a black pump & black pants etc.-- these are priority) and nice-to-haves. Next is the fun part: Shopping. But two rules: Buy only what is your the list and TRY everything on (or you'll end up frustrated, feeling un-fancy and back here re-reading this post in a few months). Because you kept your extras list vague, "Purple ?" on the list means you can walk into a store or surf the net and see what finds you, which is what makes shopping fun. You don't have to buy everything on your list in one day/shopping trip. Spread the task over a month (or a few, depending on your budget) and then cross the item off the list once you get it. And keep your list evolving, as you try stuff on or see what is in the stores, you will add or change stuff. Also visit different neighborhood/types of stores to diversify your additions.

Good Luck and I hope this helps! Feel free to hit me up on the side for specific questions or if you want store/website recommendations.

A dopo, my fancies-in-training!

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