Monday, December 27, 2010

What don't you have enough of?

Ahhh, new year!!!

Time for resolutions, reassessments and reevaluations..

In late 2010, I had been stocking up "lady of the night" pieces ( ie black leather mini dress --pic of same dress in camel below, sequined shorts --pic of shorts in silver below, etc) because I didn't think I had enough party/ lounge/socializing clothes.

How about I am realizing that most of my evenings out do not have anything to do with a club anymore, so let's just say that I am more than good in that category now! LOL

I am realizing that my gap is that I don't have enough pieces that work well from day to night. Most of my events are afterwork-- who has the lifestyle/time/energy to run home & change??

Oh, think its also time to reassess my resort/ vacation gear since I have a cruise & then a trip to South America next spring!

What don't you have enough of??

2011 is the year of the fancy!


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  2. Do you know where i can buy these shorts ?